The coaching process has been incredibly beneficial and has allowed me to progress in my career. When I first started being coached by Sharon, I was a middle leader with a focus as a head of year.
Sharon coached me and provided me with the skills to develop the confidence to become a senior leader. We did a number of task such as a SWOT analysis, and spoke about how I can raise my own profile and use the skills that I have developed within my teaching become a successful leader.

Sharon is an exceptional listener and was able to recall our previous conversations and probed and teased out how successful I was to me reaching my goal. Once this happened, she challenged me to think more and explore the issues in further detail. This provided me with food for

I have also benefitted from gaining an understanding of how to successfully coach by witnessing how personable, confident, and understanding Sharon can be. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Sharon for all her hard work and for taking the time to coach me this has been invaluable and I am grateful.