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I never felt the conversation was led or directed a certain way, or that I was told what I should do, but seemingly came to the answers myself without really knowing how I had got there to start with.  I would strongly recommend Sharon as a coach, you will not regret your investment in yourself!

Assistant Principal – Gloucester

Thankyou very much for such an engaging and informative session highlighting the importance of ‘belonging’ and the diverse experiences we all share of that topic.  Loved the opening social question!

NHS Trust Bristol A&E Staff

Thanks for last nights session. Honestly, my feedback: I’d like to do exactly the same session but over five hours instead of one. 

Thanks also for the way you delivered this.  Much of the discussion could (given the five hours) have caused all of us to feel extremely vulnerable, but your tone and warmth invited this as a positive.

Assistant Principal – Balham London

We had a really good discussion, thank you!  It’s been really useful because when I booked this session, I didn’t realise how useful this time would be. It has made me realise that I need some thinking time so I will schedule that in my diary now!

Head of Department – Bath

The session was very engaging and interesting and allowed what could be some challenging conversations to flow naturally and comfortably.

NHS Trust Bristol A&E Staff

The coaching process has been incredibly beneficial and has allowed me to progress in my career. When I first started being coached by Sharon, I was a middle leader with a focus as a head of year.

Sharon coached me and provided me with the tools to develop confidence and become a senior leader

Assistant Principal – Bristol

Sharon was incredibly engaging and was able to encourage contributions with ease.  The session was great at allowing me to self-reflect and grow as a person and practitioner.

NHS Trust Bristol A&E Staff


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